Embrace your power

HNI ONE customers and their organizations experience the power to operate when, where and how they need. Our services are aligned to break industry conventions that have made true solutions hard to achieve—we meet you where your business is at, match your footprint, hit your budget, flex fast when you do, and respond to your need for speed.

You don’t have to make false trade-offs between great design and great value. And you don’t have to sacrifice selection or cost to ensure fast, simple delivery. Create spaces that convey your unique identity anywhere in the world without having to switch suppliers or quality standards. It’s our passion and our purpose to help you break through barriers to power your business and your brand.

to adapt

Your workplace must remain agile in order to support your core business strategies in the face of constant change.

to choose

Don’t force your business into the straitjacket of industry standards when you can get coordinated design and services across price points, styles and global markets.

to express

Your unique identity, culture and ways of working deserve a coordinated response.

A global team—connected by purpose

While each individual company within HNI ONE looks at providing workplace solutions through different offerings, this mindset unites us all.